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Malayali House - 04 July 2013

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Malayali House - 03 July 2013



+1 #26 Hidden 2013-07-08 18:45
Why there is NO UPDATE after July 4th ?
How to know what is happening in malayali house for last 3 days ?
Why don't we have Saturday and Sunday 1 hour episode even malayali house runs 7/24 ?
And most important Qn. Is-
Why still Sneha & thinkal are there in malayali house ?
"One bad fish can spoil whole pond"....there are two bad fishes in malayali house to spoil it completely....O GoD ....save malayali house...
+1 #25 Udumbu Vasu 2013-07-06 23:49
u commenters, u all are fooooooooooooll llllsssssssssss ssssssss,,,
this all are script writed ! :P
+3 #24 rcvvvvvan 2013-07-06 16:27
plz upload july 5th episode
+2 #23 anetika 2013-07-06 14:36
Quoting kuttu:
Quoting sarcasm:
sathyam parayumbol konjanam kaatiyittu kaaryam illaa

I absolutely agree with this in case of sneha

true, mathravum alla,athinu parayendathu polum paranjittumella loo.. :-)
-10 #22 tes 2013-07-06 10:02
Am from saudi arabia,daily viewer of the programme of malayalee house.So nice programme,I just want to say about each one of you what I felt.
GS PRADEEP:Good character man,knowledgabl e,true man with no proud.
RAHUL:Pleasing every one,trying to keep the family happy,Equal to every one.With Rosin its ok they are good friends,others get jelous,they both so cute to see .We believe Rahul loves his family well ,Deepa so beautiful and made for Rahul.Rahul character good so never he leave the family.
SOJAN:Normal behaviour but please try not use bad words,and pulling the family to your quarrel.For me any job is aprreciatable.You job is so good .after you leave this malayaalee house you should work hard for your succes you can win it also who ever teasing you they can see that ok.
NEENA:Is the worst person,always quarrel with every one ,specially sojan.
SNEHA:You are a good person,
0 #21 rcvvvvvan 2013-07-06 07:38
wer is 5th july malayalee house program
+5 #20 kuttu 2013-07-06 04:42
Quoting sarcasm:
sathyam parayumbol konjanam kaatiyittu kaaryam illaa

I absolutely agree with this in case of sneha
-18 #19 rcvvvvv 2013-07-06 00:28
hiiiii......... Try to see the sincerity of Sneha , rosin, sojan ..plz.. they r the decentssss...
-17 #18 san 2013-07-06 00:23
sneha, rosin, pradeep, sindhu and sojan r the peace makers.... if they are alone, there is no problem....
-19 #17 sandheep 2013-07-06 00:18
sneha is real one. try to understand her..... neena is not good

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